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Curiosities and Disney Subliminal messages (3)

And here I go again with the third part. I love discovering things hidden from Disney :)  :)

-The Jungle Book.-It’s clear that Mowgli and Arthur (Wart) are the same boy. But Arthur seems a little more older than Mowgli with blond hair. And as Disney cartoon sketches used in other films for the new movies they made, here I put a well known reference:

And as in ”The Sword in the Stone” Bambi’s mom is back in danger. I don’t know which is worse, if Sir Kay want to hunt her, if Bambi is present with the hunters shooting them or if Shere Khan wants to devour her:

And others 101 Dalmatians movements that they create again in The Jungle Book with wolves this time:

The vultures, Flaps, Dizzie, Ziggy, Buzzie are based on The Beatles:

-The Aristocats.-When Edgar kidnaps the cats and he going around town on his motorcycle, Notre Dame church appears. It could be a very similar, but not, because in another scene appears the French flag. Disney already created the beautiful Notre Dame before the story of Quasimodo:

I have the feeling that Thomas O’Malley is based on Bagheera and Shere Khan, but especially in Bagheera:

We all know that the three sons of Duchess are not of Thomas O’Malley, but Marie is like Duchess, Toulouse is equals to O’Malley, while Berlioz is like Scat Cat:


-Robin Hood.-Robin Hood has enough characters and movements based on other movies. As Sir Hiss is Kaa and Little John is Baloo:

I think Robin’s clothes resembles to Peter Pan’s clothes. Green shirt and hat with red feather. But maybe it’s a coincidence:

Maybe I’m wrong here, but these mice locked up seems to the mice of Cinderella. Especially the clothes of Jaq and the little mouse:

The vultures of Robin Hood seem based on the vultures of The Jungle Book. While a ”rabbit” of the party of Sherwood Forest is based on Shun Gon the Chinese Cat of the Aristocats.


There’s even a cat that is based on Scat Cat of the Aristocats, using an instrument that looks like the one used in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


And of course, the legendary party that mixes movements of the Aristocats, the Jungle Book and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

I’m not sure, but in this scene, it looks like a small Mickey Mouse, you can see his nose of mouse. And a raven of Dumbo, very changed:

I don’t know, but this crocodile reminds me of Ben Ali Gator, the crocodile of fantasia. With his red hat and red cap, although one is thin and the other is thicker:

Just married! Practically, Cinderella and her prince with Robin and Marian could have married together. The movements are similar, especially those who do it Marian and Ceni, even the carriage is similar:


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